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Hillside Social Management Plan
Hillside Community Engagement Plan
Hillside Mine Community Voice Group
Community Presentations
Hillside Information Sheets
Rainwater Tank Testing Program

Hillside Social Management Plan

Rex Minerals has submitted its Hillside Project Social Management Plan (SMP) to the South Australian Government's Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The Company will update the SMP from time to time and a copy can be found here.


Hillside Community Engagement Plan

As part of its community engagement process, Rex Minerals has developed a Community Engagement Plan (CEP) for the Hillside Project. Engagement with the community occurs throughout the life of the Project from developing approvals documents such as the Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation (PEPR), through to construction, operation and mine closure.

The Company will update the CEP from time to time and a copy can be found here.


Hillside Mine Community Voice Group

The former Community Consultative Group (CCG) commenced in 2012 during the exploration stage and concluded following the acceptance of the Mining Lease. We thank all of the members of the CCG for volunteering their time and expertise for over three years, especially to the group's Chair, Peter Stockings.

After a series of workshops with community members and CCG members along with extensive consultation, a new group was formed and held their first meeting in November 2014. The name of this new group is the Hillside Mine Community Voice (HMCV). The HMCV is currently assessing its membership, structure, communication network and functions to ensure the ideas and voice of the community is clearly articulated and actioned during this next stage of the development of the Hillside Project. One of the first key actions was to improve on the transparency between the HMCV and the wider community. This was launched by establishing a link on the Yorke Peninsula Council’s website where minutes of meetings and other updates will be posted. Please visit at:



HMCV Charter

Purpose of the Group

  • To be a representative group of the people by considering their livelihood, lifestyles, environment and general wellbeing in the context of the Hillside Development.
  • To ensure enduring community benefits are gained both during and after the Life of the Mine.

We will deliver this by being...

  • An independent transparent group valued by all stakeholders and above all the local community
  • An open and transparent conduit between Rex, Regulators and the Community
  • A facilitator for the transfer of information
  • Self-managing with allocated funding

Stakeholder Groups

Dept. of State Development (formerly DMITRE), Rex Minerals Ltd, Local Government (Yorke Peninsula Council), Regional Development Australia (Yorke and Mid North), Local Progress Associations (Pine Point, Ardrossan, Black Point, James Well/Rogues Point), Farmer groups (Ag Bureaux of South Kilkerran and Petersville), YP Landowners Group, Local Traders, Narungga Nations Aboriginal Corporation & YP Tourism Committee.


Hillside Information Sheets

Rex Minerals continues to be open and transparent in the information that it provides and the Company welcomes questions. One of the ways it will continue to keep the broader community up to date is through a series of information sheets. See the first one on uranium below.

Uranium Information Sheet - June 2016


Rainwater Tank Testing Program

Thank you to everyone who responded to the 'rainwater tank testing expressions of interest' form that was posted out to surrounding property owners in March 2015. The details about the testing program, such as when it will be undertaken and how the results will be provided back to the property owners, are yet to be confirmed.

Rex is required to undertake rainwater tank testing prior to operations commencing at Hillside to ensure that the water quality is documented before mining starts. The rainwater tank testing program will not be undertaken until it is known when the Hillside mine will be developed. Further opportunities to register interest will be provided. This rainwater tank testing program will be repeated throughout the life of the mine.

If you have any queries, please email or phone (08) 8299 7100.



Community Engagement Policy Statement

Rex Minerals Ltd (Rex) has a commitment to provide communities, including indigenous communities, where we operate with sustained benefits as a result of our activities.



This commitment involves;

  • maintaining an economically sustainable and responsible business,
  • open and inclusive engagement,
  • contributing to the regional economy,
  • building community capacity,
  • contributing to environmental sustainability, and
  • exercising our right to explore for and extract minerals on our licences.

Our community engagement policy is based on understanding and respecting the communities in which we operate.  In achieving our policy commitment we;

  • recognise and respect that landholders (those with an interest in the land) have the right to derive benefit from the land as a farmer, community member or traditional owner,
  • understand and work to resolve issues arising as a consequence of overlapping rights and responsibilities with regard to ownership and use of the land, and
  • work closely  with all landholders and the broader community to maximise the benefits of the minerals that exist beneath the surface of the land.

Rex will be guided by the principle that all exploration and potential mining activities will only be undertaken after consultation with the local community and the State Government and on the basis that it is the best net beneficial use of the land.

Rex complies with statutory requirements and accepted industry standards and has developed standards and procedures to fulfil its Community Engagement Policy commitments.

Standards and procedures undertaken by Rex representatives include those which guide our engagement with landholders, support and build community capacity and contribute to sustained regional benefit.  Rex adopts these standards and procedures to ensure we engage with and support the communities in which we operate. Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy complements our Community Engagement Policy.

Rex Environmental Policy

Rex regards environmental care as an integral part of its business and is committed to excellence in the management of environmental matters. Rex values the environment and strives to minimise environmental impacts associated with its activities at every stage of the exploration and mining process; from planning through exploration, development, mining, production and mine closure. We acknowledge Rex’s reputation and performance in environmental matters is important to its ongoing success.  Our environmental policy also endeavours to deliver benefit to all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, nearby residents, landowners including traditional owners, the broader community, as well as to the environment in which we operate. Rex’s commitment to high environmental standards is achieved by ensuring:

  • Environmental considerations are integrated into all aspects of our planning, operational decisions and processes;
  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance is achieved and measured;
  • Consultation with the community, regulators and other stakeholders is achieved through open communication and regarding issues of environmental importance;
  • Comprehensive systems of control and accountability are in place through the development and implementation of an Environmental Management Plan; and
  • Compliance with legal requirements is a minimum standard in achieving our policy objectives.

Achieving our environmental policy resides with all employees sharing responsibility for its implementation.


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